Skin care

When should you think about beauty treatments?

The line of care treatments is a proposal of non-invasive cosmetological procedures aimed at improving the condition and appearance of the skin. A wide range of possibilities allows full personalization of therapy and adaptation to individual patient’s needs. It is worth thinking about the office care and cleaning of the skin when small imperfections appear on our face and body – color disorder, “skin fatigue”, loss of luminosity, loss of firmness or appearance of fine wrinkles. The line is dedicated to all patients, regardless of gender and age. Both ladies and gentlemen can benefit from their healthful effects.

What could be the cause of skin fatigue?

Depending on the season, the skin needs different care as well as adapted to the existing problems – special protection. Loss of luminosity, changes in the color, loss of firmness … can be caused by various internal and external factors that have a negative effect on the condition of our skin. The first ones include:

  • increased production of free radicals,
  • malfunctioning of hormones,
  • reaction to the use of certain medicines.

External factors include, mainly:

  • improper skin care not suited to its type and needs,
  • poorly selected diet,
  • low physical activity or lack of it,
  • UV radiation, wind or frost.

The objectives of care

The primary aim of skin care is closely related to the needs of a particular patient. The most common are:

  • improvement of color,
  • thorough and thorough cleansing of the skin,
  • elimination of fine wrinkles.

Dedicated procedures

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