Removal of skin changes

When should you think about reducing skin changes?

Skin changes, due to the possibility of cancer cells, should always be carefully and carefully observed and diagnosed. Without proper qualifications and tools, establishing their character, and thus also determining whether they are dangerous to our health, is not only difficult, but often impossible. Therefore, all patients with disturbing skin lesions should be covered by dermatosurgical control. Especially when there are any changes in them – they grow, become discolored, hurt or itch…

What may be the cause of skin lesions?

Skin changes are most often caused by:

  • the activity of some viruses,
  • the specificity of the epidermal layer,
  • neurogenic factors or blood or lymphoid factors,
  • genetic conditions.

Objectives of skin lesions treatment

The most important and priority aspect of treatment is the diagnosis of existing changes and then the determination of possible treatment steps. In the case of qualifying the change to be removed, the final stage of therapy is their professional liquidation.

Dedicated procedures

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