Desirial ™ revitalization of the intimate areas

The effects of the revitalization of the intimate areas

The priority of labia revitalization treatment is the correction of the aesthetics of the intimate areas, but equally important is to stop the symptoms of labia and pubic crease ageing and to restore the proper skin tone and its proper hydration. The procedure is most often decided by patients struggling with the inappropriate disproportion of the size of the labia – when the labia majora are too small to provide proper protection to the very sensitive labia lips. Reversing this disproportion avoids irritation and intimate infections. The properties of the innovative Desirial ™ and Neauvia ™ Rose make it possible to correct the intimate areas and reduce the discomfort and recurrent infections that women of all ages face. Thanks to the latest technologies, the treatment was designed for women of peripheral, perimenopausal and menopausal age. These preparations were created on the basis of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and are the leading line in the field of absorbable implants in the world of aesthetic medicine. For women whose problem is more complex, Desirial Plus is recommended, which increases the volume of the labia lips in an even more noticeable way. Desirial Plus allows them to revitalize or even change their shape.

What does the treatment look like?

The treatment is not complicated, however, it requires prior consultation with a doctor of aesthetic medicine, which allows you to specify indications and possible contraindications. Revitalization of the labia and intimate parts takes place under local infiltration anesthesia. The proper stage of the treatment is the injection into the labia with the help of a microcannula of the adequate amount of the preparation, which will ensure a satisfactory effect. The treatment is virtually painless for the patient and the effect of reconstruction of the labia larger is visible immediately.

Time of treatment

The treatment lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

The period of convalescence after the revitalization of the intimate areas

Shortly after the treatment local swelling may occur, which does not last longer than 4 hours. Most patients do not need convalescence and immediately return to normal activity.

Time of treatment effects

The results obtained are maintained for a relatively long time, up to 18 months after application.
The presented description of the procedure is of general character and does not constitute medical information. The basis for the operation is always an individual medical consultation.

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