Fit sport test

Who is the Fit sport test for?


The test is intended for people who want to learn about their sport predispositions and consciously shape an active lifestyle. It is especially recommended for people who:

  • do sports professionally
  • treat sport as a serious hobby – amateur sport
  • work with athletes including trainers and personal trainers
  • marathon
  • thriatlon
  • shape muscle mass
  • are at the beginning of their sporting way – children and youth from sports clubs

Description of the test

The Fit sport study involves the analysis of DNA to determine the significance of current genetic polymorphisms and their interaction. The research is completed with the preparation of individual recommendations developed by an expert from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice – dr Michał Wilk, thanks to whom it will be possible to optimize the training process.

The effect of the test

The Fit sport study is summarized by the Fit sport report, focused on four areas of human physiology. The report describes:

  • Predispositions to a specific type of effort. The result of the DNA test indicates what character should be given to it: endurance or strength
  • Lipolysis capacity. The genetically determined rate of lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of stored in the muscle and fat cells of triacylglycerols, determines the rate of fat burning. The information obtained after the test allows you to effectively reduce unnecessary kilograms Antioxidant abilities
  • Antioxidant disorders increase the risk of many serious diseases. They can also slow down the process of post-workout regeneration. They are responsible for states of chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain
  • Potential of inflammatory reaction. Determining the level of individual inflammatory reactions is the key information when planning the volume of the training unit and synchronizing the length of workouts with rest. The amount of post-exercise muscle damage is also associated with the rate of muscle mass gain, which is particularly important when the goal of training is to shape the body
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