Treatment of migraines

When is it worth thinking about treating migraines?

In the case of nagging chronic and frequent migraine headache, i.e. paroxysmal, occurring in the form of the most unilateral and pulsating headache, which lasts from 4 to 72 hours.

What can be the cause of frequent headaches?

Presumably, migraine is associated with a genetic predisposition to hypersensitive neural reactions. The substrate may be malfunctions of cortical ion channel receptors, neurons that regulate cerebral flow, and platelets or macrophages that chemically stimulate perivascular intracranial nerve fibers.
According to another hypothesis, the so-called Vascular vessel contraction corresponds to the cerebral vasospasm, which in the further stage passes into excessive expansion with increased permeability of the walls, leading to a seizure of pain.

The goals of migraine treatment

Through the surgical loosening of the muscles of the forehead, temple, back of the head and neck, the aim of the therapy is:

  • the abolition of pressure on the nerves involved in the process of migraine and
  • controlled disorder of pain information transferred to the brain.

Dedicated procedures

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