Smart epilation

Vectus diode laser

Do you know that after the first laser hair removal we get rid of 30% of hairs in the growth phase? Each subsequent treatment weakens the hair, changes the structure and lengthens the hair growth time until it falls out completely.

Why Palomar Vectus® is the optimal solution for your skin?

Palomar Vectus® diode laser is an achievement of over a dozen years of experience and research on the improvement of the laser system. It uses a lot of innovative solutions that determine the patient’s exceptional effectiveness, safety and comfort.


The Vectus® laser uses patented Photon Recycling technology that allows you to use energy more efficiently. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure. The higher efficiency of the Vectus® diode laser in relation to the leading market technology is confirmed by clinical research.


The Palomar Vectus® diode laser, using many innovative construction solutions, is the fastest working laser in its category. Thanks to the increased treatment tip, it allows you to perform epilation of large areas in just a few minutes.


Vectus®, as the only laser in the world, is equipped with an intelligent melanin level reader in the skin. The device recognizes individual skin properties and uses WiFi to send them to the computer system in the laser. These data are analyzed and based on them, personalized, optimal treatment parameters are selected. This allows the use of higher energy, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment, without the risk of burns.


The solution used in the head, thanks to which the skin is cooled before, during and after laser light emission, increases the comfort of the treatment. Over 90% of our patients declare their willingness to use the procedure again.

Did you know that Palomar Vectus® laser using many innovative solutions is the fastest working laser in its category?

What is worth knowing before starting the epilation treatment?

  • Do not sunbathe (sun, tanning bed) at least 4 weeks before the procedure
  • Do not depilate the hairs by methods such as: sugar paste, wax, tweezers, at least 4 weeks before the planned treatment
  • Preparations with retinol, fruit acids should be stopped at least 1 month before surgery
  • On the day of treatment, do not take painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets, blood thinners and photosensitizers
  • Laser skin should be perfectly smooth for laser hair removal. For this purpose, shave the place treated with a single-use machine under the hair, 24 hours before the planned treatment
  • Please leave some hairs in the treatment area to assess the thickness and color of hair and the density of their distribution
  • Hair evaluated, will be shaved on site by the person performing the treatment

Duration of the laser hair removal treatment (includes signing the consent for the treatment, skin preparation, parameter setting):

  • back 60 min
  • calves 30 min
  • thighs 40 min
  • bikini 30 min
  • armpits 15 min
  • mustache 15 min

8-10 weeks for the area of: back, calves, thighs
4-6 weeks for bikini and armpits.
4 weeks for the mustache epilation.

  • Pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • tendency to hypertrophic scars,
  • inflammation of the skin, in the treatment area (herpes, acne),
  • freshly tanned skin,
  • interrupted skin continuity,
  • epilepsy,
  • diabetes medicines,
  • phage-sensitizing herbs (horsetail, St. John’s wort, calendula, ginkgo biloba, hedgehog porlime),
  • taking medicines that reduce blood clotting,
  • retinoid therapy,
  • psoriasis, vitiligo,
  • pacemaker,
  • fresh surgical procedures.

Do you know that, in contrast to traditional hair removal, laser hair removal leads to the irreversible destruction of the hair root along with the blood supply to the hair?

Epilation or hair removal? A small thing or a big difference?

We focus on the cause and not the effect

Regardless of the area of our life, we can fight any problem by affecting the effect or cause, but only the latter can bring lasting results and cause the effect to cease to exist. Similarly, in the area of hair removal, where we can meet two completely different concepts: epilation and epilation (contrary to popular belief, this is not a mistake in the name, but completely different methods of operation).

Epilation and depilation

When traditional depilation involves the elimination, shearing or cutting of hair, the method of epilation focuses on the cause, leading to the irreversible destruction of the hair root along with the blood supplying the vessels. Thanks to this, hair restoration is inhibited, which affects the efficiency and durability of this type of treatments. This subtle difference is the first key to assess the effectiveness of the method, because regardless of the technique, hair removal treatments are always effect-oriented and depending on the individual case, the effectiveness of such methods will not last and will oscillate within 3 to 6 weeks.

What does exactly epilation involve?

Hair epilation is based on the phenomenon of thermolysis, ie thermal damage of the pad, obtained by the absorption phenomenon, i.e. energy absorption by the photo-ace, which is melanin contained in the hair structure (it acts as a chromophore absorbing radiation, therefore the effectiveness of treatments depends in particular on the color of the hair as it is tantamount to the level of melanin).

The presented description of the procedure is of general character and does not constitute medical information. The basis for the treatment is always an individual cosmetology consultation.

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