Enlarging and lip modeling

When should you think about lip filling?

The treatment line, which aims to enlarge and lip modeling is a comprehensive offer for people who are not satisfied with the shape, structure or color of their lips – defects manifested by the occurring asymmetry, volume drop, dryness or blurred labial lip.

What may be the reason for unaesthetic lip changes?

Very often dissatisfaction with the shape or structure of the lips is caused by genetic conditioning, manifesting asymmetry or small volume. A great importance for the condition of the mouth and their surroundings has the so-called photoaging – the aging process of the skin, caused by adverse external factors. Such factors include: sunlight, temperature fluctuations, exposure to wind causing overproduction of free radicals and weakening of collagen fibers. What’s more, with age, there is a disturbance of moisturization, caused by a decrease in the level of hyaluronic acid, which significantly contributes to dryness, flaccidity and firmness disorders.

The aims of lip modeling

The aim of treatment is comprehensive regeneration of the lips and their surroundings achieved by moistening tissues with preparations enriched with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the skin. Thanks to the use of this therapy, it is possible to give the mouth, volume and shape corresponding to the expectations of the patient and canons of beauty.

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