The effects of the skin moisturizing treatment

Hydrobalans is the only one of these treatments, the effects of which are visible immediately after its implementation. The main goal of therapy is to restore and then maintain an adequate level of skin hydration. The preparation based on hyaluronic acid improves the binding of water molecules, thus improving the volume of the tissue area being treated. The guaranteed effects of the therapy are, above all, proper skin hydration, smoothing and improving the skin tone.

What is the skin moisturizing treatment?

Like all medical procedures, the treatment is preceded by a thorough medical consultation. This allows you to verify the indications and possible contraindications to the therapy. In the first stage of therapy, the skin is anesthetized with a special anesthetic cream. Due to this, stabilized hyaluronic acid gives the best results in moisturizing, during hydrobalance treatment it is injected into carefully selected layers of the skin. This procedure is not painful, because it is used for microcannula, or a blunt needle, which does not damage the blood vessels and subcutaneous tissue, which allows to perform a completely safe treatment for the patient.

Time of treatment

The treatment lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

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