Treatment of bruxism

When is it worth thinking about treating bruxism?

Continuous grinding of teeth and their involuntary clenching is usually caused by excessive muscular activity of the jaw, what we call bruxism. It is assumed that the most common reason for the development of this disease is stress. It is worth thinking about the treatment when, through the wrong work of the jaw muscles, it comes to:

  • teeth loosening in the jaw,
  • destruction of the enamel,
  • clashing of the teeth crowns,
  • changes in the temporomandibular joints,
  • grinding of teeth,
  • asymmetry in the work of the masseter muscles.

What can be the cause of bruxism?

The main reasons for the development of the disease are: poor resistance to stress, as well as the patient’s malocclusion.

Objectives for the treatment of bruxism

Bruxism arises as a result of overactivity in the masseter muscles, which is why therapy is aimed at eliminating the unnecessary habit of clamping the jaw and limiting the unnecessary work of the muscles responsible for it.

Dedicated procedures

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