Hair loss treatment

When should you think about anti-hair loss therapy?

Excessive and unnatural hair loss is a very easy to diagnose condition. This problem affects a growing number of people of all ages. It affects both men and women. The process of balding – regardless of the pace of its course, apparently translates into aesthetics of appearance, and this generates enormous psychological discomfort. Therefore, the first symptoms of excessive hair loss should lead to appropriate therapy.

What can be the cause of hair loss?

In general, the poor condition of the hair results from the weakening and even disappearance of the bulbs. The main factors causing this state of affairs are:

  • poor diet,
  • stressful lifestyle,
  • thyroid problems,
  • side effects of certain medications,
  • anemia,
  • scalp disorders,
  • improper care,
  • genetic determinants,
  • seasonal changes.

However, it is worth remembering that the exact and proper cause of hair loss is only possible through a thorough medical diagnosis. It should be the basis for therapy tailored to the individual needs and conditions of the patient.

Objectives of hair loss treatments

Properly selected therapy provides, among others:

  • stimulating growth of hair follicles, and at the same time regenerating and strengthening bulbs,
  • improving the condition of capillary fibers,
  • reviving mesenchymal stem cells,
  • proper hydration of the scalp.

Dedicated procedures



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