Treatment of migraines

When is it worth thinking about treating headaches?

Migraine is something more than just a regular, frequent headache. This is the most often, one-sided, pulsating pain that appears suddenly and lasts from 4 to even 72 hours. Migraines may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as increased sensitivity to light, sound and odors, as well as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. These ailments may make it difficult or even impossible to perform the most ordinary daily activities, so it is worth considering the possibilities of combating this ailment.

What can be the cause of migraine?

Migraine affects people of all ages but statistically more often occurs in women. The main cause of the occurrence of migraine pain is hypersensitive neuroendinous reactions, usually resulting from the specifics of genetic determinants.

The goals of migraine treatment

The treatment consists in the relaxation of the muscles of the forehead, temple, neck and / or the back of the head. As a result, there is the removal of pressure on the nerves responsible for the appearance of migraine pain and control over pain incentives that send impulses to the brain.

Dedicated procedures

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