Polylactic acid

The effects of the treatment

An advanced rejuvenating treatment is a way to stimulate the body to independently produce new collagen fibers, thanks to which the skin has a chance to regain a young look. After dissolution is a suspension consisting of L-polylactic acid molecules and sterile water. The acid stimulates the natural production of collagen, while the changes take place gradually and are visible after a few weeks. As a result, the natural process of filling the cavities in the skin, i.e. wrinkles and furrows, begins. The skin becomes firmer and looks younger.

What does polylactic acid treatment look like?

Like all medical procedures, the procedure is preceded by a thorough medical consultation. This allows you to verify the indications and possible contraindications to the therapy.

The preparation is dosed in small portions with a very fine needle, which minimizes the appearance of bruising, and the pricks themselves are virtually undetectable. At the end of the treatment a massage is performed, allowing the product to be evenly distributed under the skin.

Time of treatment

The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The recovery period after the treatment

The reaction to the treatment may be slight bruising, which does not last longer than 2 to 4 days after the end of therapy.

Time of treatment effects

The effects of the treatment, due to its innovative specificity, appear gradually and are fully visible about 6 weeks after its implementation. In the best cases, the results last for 2 years, and the complete correction of the changes requires 2 or 4 treatments.

The presented description of the procedure is of general character and does not constitute medical information. The basis for the operation is always an individual medical consultation.

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