Cellulite treatment

When should you think about cellulite treatment?

You should think about the treatment of cellulite when you notice its first symptoms. And these are easily visible, for example, during a palpation test (just smooth or squeeze the skin with two fingers). Characteristic inequalities – hollows and skin-like parenchyma resemble orange peel (hence this common name). The occurrence of this frequent aesthetic defect, mainly related to connective tissue and fat cells, is caused by incorrect distribution of fat tissue. It is assumed that it occurs as a result of collagen fibers breakdown in the reticulated layer of the dermis, which leads to its weakening and the formation of fat herniation of subcutaneous tissue into the dermis, as well as the pressure of microcirculation. Most often, the changes accumulate around the thighs, hips, buttocks, arms or knees and make the skin lose its aesthetic appearance. Innovative treatments for cellulite allow you to overcome the imperfections that arise, such as wrinkles and unevenness of the skin. What’s more, it is worth thinking about executive treatment even if the patient has already undergone treatment, but the therapy did not bring the intended results.

What could be the cause of cellulite?

There are many reasons and conditions that contribute to the formation of cellulite, so it is difficult to determine one basic reason for its formation. Most often we deal with a whole range of overlapping factors, which include: genetic determinants, lack of physical activity, inappropriate diet, smoking, hormonal disorders, etc.

Cellulite treatment goals

The line of advanced therapeutic treatments aimed at minimizing cellulite changes is influenced by on:

  • improvement of local blood circulation and improvement of tissue metabolism,
  • acceleration of microcirculation in the place where cellulite appeared, so as to reduce accumulated clumping of fat in the tissue,
  • elimination of edema and toxic deposits that have accumulated in the tissue.

Dedicated procedures


Anti Lipo Dystrophic Agents



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