Enlarging and lip modeling

When should you think about the procedure of lip augmentation and modeling?

The therapy is used to increase the volume and fill in the lips, to emphasize their contour and give them a sensual character. A deep, seasonal moisturizing of tissues can also be taken as therapeutic goals.
A separate indication for the implementation of treatments is the asymmetry of the lips – the therapy then focuses on the aesthetic modeling of the line in accordance with the applicable canons of beauty.

What could be the reason?

  • The loss of firmness and elasticity of the lips is caused by a decrease in the level of hyaluronic acid in the tissues. Hyaluronic acid is a physiologically occurring polysaccharide in the body, which main task is to bind and store water in tissues. Over the years, the level of hyaluronic acid decreases, making the skin less moisturized, flaccid and dry.
  • Genetic / anatomical basis – congenital small volume, asymmetry or malocclusion.
  • Photo aging – a premature aging process caused by the negative impact of environmental factors, especially solar radiation. Under its influence, the free radicals are overproduced, and the collagen contained in the skin is gradually destroyed.

Aims of the therapy of filling in the mouth

The aim of the treatments is to restore / give the lips volume while deeply moisturizing the tissues through the use of preparations based on natural hyaluronic acid.

Dedicated procedures