Hair removal

When should you think about hair removal?

Laser hair removal is recommended when you want to give up traditional hair removal methods – gain time and increase your comfort. As a result, we obtain lasting results and satisfaction.
This method is recommended when there is a problem with ingrown hairs, which often cause inflammation, discoloration and sometimes scarring. It is also worth thinking about the depilation treatment if you are suffering from hirsutism, i.e. excessive male hair. This disease occurs in women and affects the face, chest and stomach.
Treatments are also recommended to women after childbirth. The hormonal imbalance occurring in the postnatal period often results in the appearance of more bristles than was the case before pregnancy.

Objectives of hair removal surgery

The aim of laser hair removal is permanent and painless elimination of excessive hair using advanced and innovative technology that ensures the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment.

Dedicated procedures