Treatment of erythema

When should you think about a treatment for erythema?

Treatment of erythema is indicated in the case of regular appearance of a uniform and tightly adhering redness covering mainly the area of the cheeks, chin and nose.
Treatment is especially indicated for patients with redness causing simultaneous pain and burning sensation.

What can erythema cause?

Erythema is a vascular disease manifested by problems in the dilatation of the dilated capillaries, which occurs most frequently during the period of intense weather conditions (frost, heat) or under the influence of strong emotions that cause an increase in blood pressure.

The goals of erythema treatment

The purpose of treatment is to thermally damage abnormally shrinking blood vessels and, as a result, they absorb them. Light reaching the depths of the vessel is absorbed by the dye contained in red blood cells and changes to thermal energy. Under the influence of this heat, water evaporates from the tissue. There are only dry elements of the vessel, i.e. its walls, which collapse and are absorbed, thus disappearing.

Dedicated procedures