Removal of hair

When should you think about laser removal of hair?

Laser hair removal is an ideal solution when everyday, traditional hair removal becomes cumbersome, time-consuming and does not bring the desired results. It is also an ideal alternative for people struggling with inflammatory skin conditions, discoloration and even scars caused by excessive ingrown hairs. This type of therapy also works in the case of hirsutism, a disease occurring in women with a disturbed hormonal economy. It is manifested by the occurrence of male hair overgrowth. Such heavy to remove hairs are mainly found on the face, stomach or chest. The treatment effectively and non-invasively allows you to reduce their number and inhibit new growth. The laser method is also used in women who, after pregnancy, have a problem with excessive hair caused by a hormonal disorder.

Objectives of hair removal treatment

The treatment guarantees patients permanent hair removal in a completely painless way. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, it provides full comfort. Laser hair removal is above all a convenience, a guarantee and time saving. It’s an innovative solution that keeps the skin aesthetic look longer.

Dedicated procedures



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