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Correction of the nose

When should you think about plastic surgery of the nose?

It is worth thinking about treatment of surgical correction of the nose when we are unhappy with the aesthetics of this area of the face, for example:

  • if there is a mound (colloquially -hump) on the nose,
  • when there is visible asymmetry in the nasal bridge,
  • to lift the tip of the nose – so-called falling tip,
  • in order to level the visibility of divided cartilage on the tip of the nose,
  • when we want to reduce the nose optically,
  • as a less invasive and non-convalescing alternative to surgical plastic correction,
  • for the purpose of aesthetic correction of plastic procedures.

What could be the reason?

The most common reason for the dissatisfaction of patients with nasal aesthetics is its anatomical structure, divided cartilage, a narrow base or a hump on the nose resulting from genetic structure or injuries that lead to deformation or changes in bone tissue.
The cause of changes in nasal aesthetics is also the aging process, which results in, among others, for optically enlarging the nose and dropping its apex.
Aesthetic medicine also comes out against patients who have undergone plastic surgery, the effects of which are not satisfactory for the patient.
The goals of the nose correction
Depending on the reason for the dissatisfaction of the patient, the therapy focuses on:

  • minimally invasive nasal modeling,
  • rebuilding the volume of the nasal bridge in order to overcome its optical hypertrophy,
  • regulation of the work of the muscles that pull the nose and cause the apex to fall.

Dedicated procedures