dr n. med. Monika Grzelec-Mojzesowicz

doctor of aesthetic medicine

She is a graduate of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Warsaw. After completing her studies for over 10 years, she combined clinical work in the hospital with scientific work. She has always associated in the area of interest the typically surgical specialties with a scientific approach to treating patients. As a long-time researcher at the Polish Academy of Sciences, she studied the influence of free radicals on the body’s cells and possible methods of limiting their destructive force. In 2005, she defended her doctoral thesis examining the influence of nitric oxide and its free radicals on vessels. She has a specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology of the musculoskeletal system and for 20 years is a physician operating in this specialty at St. Anna in Warsaw.
It allowed to develop high manual skills in working with patients and naturally prompted people to become interested in aesthetic medicine treatments. She is a certified aesthetic medicine doctor, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Medical University of Warsaw in 2017.


In her work she combines knowledge in various fields to keep health, vitality and youthful appearance of her patients for longer. He puts great emphasis on the assessment of the general health, fitness and condition of the patient, believing that the preservation of natural beauty depends equally on the correct selection of aesthetic treatments and the good state of the whole body. In her practice, she promotes an individual therapeutic approach as the key to achieving the best treatment effect, and thus patient satisfaction. He considers a properly selected physical activity as an integral part of the treatment, the end result of which is not only a better look but also a better frame of mind. Privately, she is a mother of two sons, a lover of old Warsaw and an avid snowboarder. It is implemented in movement and in action, which also recommends patients. She thinks that there is no problem that can not be solved and the difficulty can not be overcome.