Rejuvenation of the intimate surroundings

When should you think about vaginoplasty?

Occurring with age, but also resulting from, among others, childbirths, intense sports activities or various health conditions, changes in the structure and appearance of the intimate surroundings, this is a delicate and embarrassing, but very common occurrence of many women. This problem manifests itself not only in the aesthetic sphere, but also puts a shadow on the woman’s health and sex life. That is why it is not worth waiting for treatment. The more so because rejuvenation of the intimate surroundings is not a procedure as complicated as it may seem.

What could be the reason for changes in the construction of intimate areas?

Genetic determinants are very important in this affliction. The second place on the list of causes is occupied by the passage of time and the changes in the hormonal economy that progress along with it. Changes in the structure and appearance of the vulva and vagina often appear in postmenopausal women who complain of atrophy and vaginal dryness resulting from a decrease in estrogen levels. The level of hyaluronic acid and the correct condition of collagen fibers are also important for good condition and elasticity of the intimate parts.

The aims of intimate areas treatment

The therapy aims to restore the proper condition and natural volume of the labia. This allows to eliminate the risks associated with abrasions, which so often end in an intimate infection, and also provides better protection, deeper located organs.

Dedicated procedures